Home Building Grants – How to Qualify For Grants to Build a Home

The Federal Government has announced the 2009 Stimulus Package under the guidance of President Barack Obama with a focus of affordability & stability. The package has a budget of $ 1 trillion that would be given out in the form of grants, incentives, tax credits, loans, etc. The home owners can get loans to renovate their homes and they can seek guidance to get the loan modified. Those who wish to have a home of their own can apply for the grants for the first time home owners.Here are some tips to apply & qualify for the grants to build home:. The right way to start off is to meet the HUD (US Federal Housing & Urban Development Department) counselors. They would give you the details of getting the grants considering your particular requirements.. Next, visit the local government office in your area. Remember, HUD does not give any loans to the individuals or the organizations. They pass on your loan to the local government offices who actually process the loan for you.. Surf through the Federal Government’s website and research as much as possible. Locate the grants that specifically meet your individual needs.. The first time home buyers should look for tax credits. These would depend on your income, marital status, etc.. The grants & loans for home renovation are processed through the local government office. When you approach them, make sure you have complete documents of your income & expenditure.. They also require a quotation of the expenses that are to be incurred in the required repairs. You must have the quote of some professional regarding the same.. The 2009 Stimulus Package also allows personal loans & grants. You can get these and invest that money in to purchasing or building a home.