Home Happiness Keys, Home-Building Part One

When people think about building a home, they generally think about materials, brick, wood, metal and think about the actual physical structure of a home, but what many do not realize is that you can build a home in so many other ways other than just doing it physically. There are thousands of individuals who build homes every day, without any materials at all. All you need is love, creativity and the willingness to build your home. How do you build a home without materials? What happens when you leave, do you bring your home with you,like the turtle does? Or does your home scatter and disappear as if it was never there?Love is the most important ingredient in any home, no matter what the actual physical substance is and no matter what year the home is built in, the best and most important cement and mortar that you can use is love, kindness, and a faithful strength and loyalty to those you love. That is truly building a home. You have probably seen the mansions in California, mansions that have one hundred rooms, pools, electronic surveillance systems and some have so much security that they practically have moats around them. So many times, the average citizen might be envious of all that expense, land and material things. And yet, also, most people know when they view these buildings that most of them are never really homes but they are temporary, physical structures where people gather, stay, visit and live in between visits to real homes. There might be some of these huge buildings and estates that are actually real homes, but they are rare and far and few in between the rest of the mansions. And that is all because materials do not matter in building a home. Seriously, they do not matter. Yes, materials make humans more comfortable, but materials are not the important glue or cornerstones of any real human being’s home.If you are considering building a home, you might think about adding these ingredients to make it more like a real home:
Love, the kind of love that is needed is an unconditional love but yet a love that sees reality. A love that knows that sometimes love is to discipline, and sometimes love is to have joy, fun, laughter and communication. Yes, sometimes there is time for all that. There is always a yearning for all that. But at times in your situations, there is not always time or need for all of it. For examples, if your loved one is an drug addict who chooses to have no recovery plan but one who chooses to stay with illegal drugs rather than to be healed or cured, then your love for that person even though unconditional is adjusted according to circumstances. Your real love is the same, that never alters, but what you change is your attitude, actions and your connections to that person. In other words, you never have that person inside your home if that person is acting out with illegal drugs or if that person is possessing drugs. That is time to call the police, turn the person in and insist that illegal drugs never be brought into your home. And that act is out of love for yourself first and then love for the other person. You love yourself –which God teaches us to do– by not permitting illegal activities inside your home or on your property. So that is one way that you change things, depending on your situation. You still love the person, yet you do not permit the person to infect your home or family by their illegal drug use. Go to Toughlove for help, and in real emergencies call 911, yes, even on family members. That is how you love God and love yourself first.
Kindness is one of the glues that keeps family members together. Practice kindness with everyone. However do not confuse kindness with being a fool, being taken advantage or or being used. There is a huge difference in those things. You can be kind but you do not have to be over-indulgent. Keep your head; keep your senses and remain kind to all whom you meet.

There are other necessary things needed to build a good, solid home, and if you remember that bricks are not usually one of the main ingredients, you will build your home strong enough to withstand the winds of time and all the storms of life, no matter what. This is part one of a three part article. Check here again for the other two parts of this article as they are being published.Article created May 22, 2008