4 Reasons Why Realtors Prefer Professional Business Card Designs

Business in general requires you to be on your toes, professional. Almost universally you are judged by your first appearance and presentation. This may seem harsh but in the real world this is what happens. A business card is a representation of yourself, your business and the image it is trying to portray. Without such a creation of image, your brand, a business could not and would not exist. Whether or not you try to create a brand or not, eventually, one will exist. This is due to perception and how it translates into the market. If an image is going to exist, wouldn’t you want to create it yourself? Allowing your clients to create an image for you is risky business and not very good business.

In the real estate world, realtor business cards are like gold. Being they are basically in business for themselves, they need to have a way to show representation. Realtor business cards are exactly the way to do this. Here are four reasons why a realtor needs business cards specifically designed for a realtor and should NOT use a template design.

Reference Material
A realtor is someone who is often referenced by the clients, customers, and business relationships. A realtor does not leave a first transaction as a sale on a home. A real estate sale often takes time and a generous amount of money. Moreover, a person looking to buy real estate has many options to choose from not only in the real estate property, but in the person who aids them along in a real estate property purchase. Having well designed realtor business cards are a very large and good step in the right direction. If it comes down to someone who has a well designed realtor business card brand with an eye catching design and memorable sales copy on the card versus someone who doesn’t have realtor business cards or chose poorly from a local printer using a generic template other businesses use, the one with the branded cards will get the sale. More than likely, it was because the person could reference the realtor easily and quickly. They had a picture of them in their mind placed there by the realtor’s business card and reinforced by the realtor’s sparkling personality.

Professional Business Card Graphic Design
Realtor business cards add a touch of professionalism if done right. Done ‘right’ does not mean rough up a design on your home computer and print it out on your home laser printer. It does not matter if you like the design. My Mom likes everything I do but strangely enough everyone in the world doesn’t always agree with her. Love you Mom!

The way to really get the most out of your realtor business cards is to have them professionally made with a graphic design specialist as part of the process. It is in your best interest to have a professional with knowledge of your industry provide you guidance on your design choices. You make the choices on what goes on the card ultimately with their advice on the pro’s and con’s of a particular choice is the smart way to go.

Remember, you get what you pay for. This is especially true for those that are looking to purchase business cards. There are many shortcuts that can make business cards cheaper. In turn, this makes them look and feel cheaper. If you think your client will not know the difference, think again. A professional, quality business card will make you stand out among the crowd. This is mainly due to catching 100% of their attention. If you hand them something sturdy, design rich, clean and easy to reference, they will see an automatic difference in quality and directly relate that to the services you provide. Do you want to be seen as cheap or quality? Put that another way would you rather have a 2% or 8% commission?

Business Necessity
If you have not gathered the concept, business cards are, indeed, a necessity. This is not speculation; it is a fact. Realtor business cards are used constantly and on many occasions. Some of the most noted occasions realtor business cards are used are:

– Open Houses
– Conventions
– Showing houses
– Flyers and mailers

These are not the only times a card is used, however, they are the most common situations realtor business cards would be used effectively.

Effective Advertising
Often times realtor business cards are used for advertising. This is the most effective form of advertising. The business card works similar to word of mouth. If a person had a good experience with you or your company, they will often recommend your services to a friend if they are in need. They will, in turn, pass off your business card to their friend. Not only did you have a transaction with one person, you got another transaction as a referral. Repeat business is how businesses thrive, with real estate being no exception.